About Kindred Co.

Kindred Co. is a gifting service that curates gift boxes that bring together the hearts and talents of Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) creators. Every item in our shop is carefully researched and sourced from brands owned or co-owned by BIPOC creatives and entrepreneurs. We believe that when we buy from within community, we contribute to the creative and economic growth of thriving cultural communities.

We know that Black, Indigenous, and communities of color face huge disparities and barriers toward economic mobility. And, as entrepreneurs, we know that BIPOC businesses face huge challenges accessing capital to get started and be sustained. In focusing our curations from BIPOC creators and entrepreneurs, we hope that we are one of many drops in the ocean, working toward a wave of choices for consumers who are intentional about the impact their hard-earned money can have. 

Kindred Co. is our heart hustle! We’ve combined our knowledge from careers in policy, and small business administration with our love of gifting to bring you an option that is more than just pretty items in a box, but one that is meaningful, and invests in the lives of BIPOC creators and ultimately, the communities that they build. We have found that many of those we curate from also donate proceeds into their communities from the profits they make and/or are actively working to uplift entrepreneurs of color, too.

Let us help you select a quality, curated gift, at a time when life is busier than ever, that shows care and intention for those you love.